Understanding Kubernetes Storage

Updated 2020-10-14

Understanding Kubernetes Storage


During my preparation for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam, I went about creating the below PV and PVC followed by a pod to use this storage.

My expectation was to find a PVC connected to a PV but when I executed kubectl get pv,pvc I found the below;

The PVC did not use the newly create PV lab6-pv-volume but created a new PV using the default storage class managed-nfs-storage. Noticing that I created the PV with 2Gi but defined the PVC as 1Gi, I thought I would try a simple solution of creating another PVC with 2Gi but this did not change anything as can be seen below;

The managed-nfs-storage default storage class was created from this HowTo

So the question is why? Why is Kubernetes choosing to create a new PV using the default storage class rather than the lab6-pv-volume. There is nothing explicit in the PVC that tells the API to use lab6-pv-volume. The instructor did mention that Kubernetes sees that both the PV and PVC have an accessModes of ReadWriteOnce and that is how they get connected. I need to remove default from managed-nfs-storage to test this.

To make this change, execute the below;
kubectl patch storageclass managed-nfs-storage -p '{"metadata": {"annotations":{"storageclass.kubernetes.io/is-default-class":"false"}}}'

Sure enough, after making the above change and creating another PVC, it is using the manually created PV.

The next question that comes to mind is. How can we create a PVC, with a default storage class defined, and have it use a manually created PV? Is there a way to explicitly tell the API to use a PV when creating a PVC?

After creating another PV and PVC, defined below;

PVC lab6-pv-claim-a is stuck in pending.

I’m seeing the below warning when I do kubectl describe pvc lab6-pv-claim-a;

Cannot bind to requested volume "lab6-pv-volume-a": storageClassName does not match

The solution to this dilemma is adding storageClassName: manual to both the PV and PVC along with having the volumeName in the PVC

Setting storageClassName: "" also works

Leaving the storageClassName and volumeName out of the PV PVC yaml file only works if there is no default storage class.