Install Octant on Kubernetes Cluster

Updated 2020-10-25

Providing access to modify your k8s cluster without proper controls is a security risk, duh.

The below is the tl;dr of David Adams’ article

Create a folder called octant and a subfolder called octant-df.

mkdir -p ./octant/octant-df

In the octant-df folder, create the below Dockerfile

I’m also including the Jenkins-x 3 plugin for Octant

The usage when building a docker image is docker build [OPTIONS] PATH | URL | - . If I wanted to push to my Docker Hub repo I would use docker build -t 007ba7/myImage . In this case, it is the local repository server running at

cd ./octant/octant-df
sudo docker build -t .
sudo docker push

We need a configmap so Octant can access the cluster.

kubectl create ns octant
kubectl create configmap octant-config --from-file ~/.kube/config -ns octant

Create the deployment yaml file as below;

Run the below;

kubectl create -f octant-deploy.yaml -n octant